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How to avoid and prevent tooth decay? 

The caries is one of the most frequent Gums Diseases that affect the teeth, the causes can be of a physiological or external nature, in any case, it is important to prevent the problem follow certain measures by taking care of food, Oral Hygiene and modifying its own lifestyle, avoiding, for example, smoking.

The prevention of caries is important for the health of the teeth. Healthy and strong teeth reduces the risk of incurring diseases , in addition, having a healthy smile definitely helps the image, a bright and white teeth is visually more pleasant, and then, look to keep in mind is the economic side, healthy teeth avoid having to go to a dentist, a big savings for the wallet. For More Info Visit Regrow Receding Gums

Tooth decay affects the health of tooth and even cause the fall if not fought in time. Not to mention the pain of having a bad tooth, a tooth affected by caries means suffering from headaches, not being able to chew and have tremendous pains in the mouth, as long as the food sticks into the eroded cavity to contemplate the whole firmament!

From a medical point of view, caries is an infection that spreads in the mouth through the presence of bacteria, the latter are born and spread in the oral cavity thanks to the presence of food residues, in particular, sugars, contact with sugar creates a chem​ical reaction that turns bacteria into acid. Read More About Regrow Receding Gums At Home

The acid spreads in the mouth and attacks the teeth to corrode them undermining their stability.

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To prevent the spread of caries, it is good to reduce the intake of sugar; sugar means any food that contains sugar, then sweets, drinks, chocolate and qaunt'altro, as has been reiterated sugar is the fuel of caries-bearing bacteria.

It is also advisable to reduce the number of meals during the day, the greater the influx of food in the mouth the greater the possibility that residues of the same may lead to the formation of caries, no doubt it is important to chew the food in order to reduce the possibility of residues between the teeth. 

After every meal or snack it is necessary to clean the teeth using the necessary precautions. First of all, brush the teeth with a medium-hard bristle brush, the soft ones bend and do not give the results due to the fact they cannot clean well between the teeth. Use natural toothpaste and use dental floss to eliminate the most difficult food residues and rinse with a good mouthwash in order to clean the entire mouth to wash out bad bacteria.

For those who are away from home and do not have the possibility to perform a correct dental cleaning as a palliative, waiting to be able to brush their teeth, chew a sugar-free chewing gum is recommended, or drinking water or rinsing the mouth with a little water.

Smoke and caries

Smoking is an enemy of teeth and health. Nicotine is the cause of many dental diseases among which is a determining factor for the formation of caries. The phenomenon is related to the fact that a smoker compared to a non-smoker has a lower propensity to oral hygiene. The cigarette is often the ideal break for a post-lunch, dinner or snack and rarely the smoker is about to brush his teeth immediately, statistical data show less attention to oral hygiene.

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The cigarette contains nicotine, which in contact with the teeth attacks them from inside and outside influencing their structure and resistance. It is thought that the nicotine reduces the supply of oxygen and blood in the mouth necessary for the maintenance of a healthy mouth and teeth strong. The gums shrink, the tooth weakens and this makes it more easily attacked by bacteria.

Smoking reduces salivation by favoring the acidic process and the spread of bacteria in the oral apparatus, such bacteria attack the teeth and produce the formation of caries. 
Smoking, like bad nutrition and bad oral hygiene, affects the health of the teeth, favoring the onset of diseases.

In front of a smoker, the advice is to stop smoking or in any case increase the oral hygiene with frequent cleaning of the teeth, in order to partially prevent the nicotine contained in the tobacco.

What is interdental caries (between two teeth)?

The caries are distinguished according to the degree of intensity of the same, the type and the position in which the tooth is affected, in particular, it is worth mentioning the interdental caries. 
The interdental caries is caries that is positioned at the border between one tooth and the other at the point that connects and divides the two affected teeth, it is a particularly complex caries because it compromises the health of two teeth and is in a position uncomfortable.

This is one of the most common caries, since the cleaning between one tooth and another is complex and requires specific and meticulous oral hygiene that the use of the toothbrush does not allow since it is not easy to clean between the end of a tooth and the other.

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Food residues accumulate in the interdental area, and unless caries are a build-up, it is very difficult to avoid tooth decay. This caries is not easy to identify with the naked eye, therefore, dentistry often requires the patient to undergo an x-ray to check the health of the teeth in order to choose the most appropriate type of intervention and therapy.

Aesthetically, this caries gives life to a black spot on the inside of the tooth and is a source of pain for the affected subject, just a small residue of food in the cavity to feel a sense of inevitable discomfort, sometimes the aid is required of drugs to reduce pain. Such caries affects the quality of the tooth to the point that the same can split while eating and even require extraction.

In order to avoid surgical interventions such as demineralization of the tooth, it is advisable to prevent this type of tooth by using a brush every day.

How to prevent inflamed gums?
In order to stay away from dealing with the problem of inflamed gums you can put into practice a few simple rules:

Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid irritation
brush your teeth after every meal
use dental floss or brush
not smoking
eat healthy and vitamin-rich foods
make regular visits to the dentist

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